Steven Tardanico
Executive Vice President

(855) 493-9859 ext. 219

Steven Tardanico
Steve began working at our agency in 2010 as the Director of Client Advocacy and was promoted to the Vice President of RSI in 2013, our claims administration company.  Steve brings over 17 years experience in the insurance healthcare industry.

Due to the success and knowledge that Steve has shown, he was promoted to President and now manages the claims administration business entity. Steve’s background is in training and development at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, sales, marketing and claims management. He is a subject matter expert in health insurance contracts, tiered network health plans, high deductible medical plans, all dental plans and alternative funding options. Steve is formally trained in Underwriting principles and risk analysis.

Kristin Katapodis
Operatrions Leader, Claims and Enrollment 
(855) 493-9859 ext. 220

Kristin joined the agency in 2015 as a Claims Administrator. She was recently promoted to Manager of the Claims and Enrollment Administration team. 

Kristin is the main interface with all insurance reimbursement questions for members, accounts, physician offices, labs, hospitals, billing agencies and any other entity affected by a deductible reimbursement portion of the medical plan.  Kristin has over 13 years of customer service experience.

Sarah Moffett
Account Executive
(855) 493-9859 ext. 210

Sarah joined our agency in 2013 as our COBRA Administrator, transitioned to a Client Advocate and was promoted to Account Executive. In this role, Sarah manages our claims administration for multiple accounts, attends client enrollment meetings to educate their members of their plan benefits.

Sarah graduated from University of South Carolina and received her Massachusetts Broker License in January 2013. Sarah brings over 7 years of customer service experience.

Justin Rosen
Account Executive
(855) 493-9859 ext. 271

Justin joined our agency in 2017 to support and develop the growth of the RSI business. Justin manages the claims administration for our clients and attends client enrollment meetings to educate members of their benefit plans.

Justin brings over 10 years of service experience working for a local brokerage firm.

Lizz Stumpek
Project Manager
(855) 493-9859 ext. 216

Lizz joined our agency in 2010 as a Claims and COBRA Administrator, transitioned to an Implementation Coordinator role and was recently promoted to Project Manager. Lizz manages key projects and processes relating to claims and enrollment administration. Lizz supervises the RSI Account Representative and Systems teams.  In addition to these responsibilities, Lizz also creates and maintains marketing materials. 

Lizz is a graduate of Wheaton College and has had 10 years of experience in customer service, and COBRA Administration. 

Sarah Yougman
Account Representative


(855) 493-9859 ext. 262

Sarah joined our agency in 2018.  Sarah's role consists of managing all the implementation paperwork for all new and renewing clients through our administration systems and notifying our teams of any outstanding forms.  Sarah also works on ad-hoc projects.

Sarah bring over 8 years of customer service as she previously worked in the telecommunications industry.

Catie Yuen
Claims Systems Specialist

(855) 493-9859 ext. 212

Catie Yuen

Catie joined our agency in 2012 and brings over 8 years administrative experience and 7 years customer service to her role. Catie is the main contact person for all customer service inquiries on all medical and dental claims and FSA, dependent FSA, and Section 132 transit related questions.  Catie is also responsible for running all reports for our consultants and clients.

In addition, Catie creates the plan design set up with our administration technology for our PFA, HSA and FSA accounts.


Janet Cabbage
Senior Claims Advocate
(855) 493-9859 ext. 251

Janet joined our agency in 2015. Janet assists the claims administrators by organizing and tracking the incoming claims, updating the on-line systems, processes weekly check runs, and handles all other administrative tasks.

In addition, Janet will take on claims related ad-hoc projects and assist with answering customer service calls.

Margaret Patenaude
Claims Advocate
(855) 493-9859 ext. 204

Margaret joined our agency in 2017. Margaret assists our account members by handling their service inquiries via telephone and email, specifically checking status of their claims.  Margaret also assists with weekly check runs, reporting and other administative tasks.

Margaret has over 10 years customer service expeience.


Jean Miller
Claims Advocate
(855) 493-9859 ext. 267

Jean joined our agency in 2018. Janet assists the claims administrators by organizing and tracking the incoming claims, updating the on-line systems, processes weekly check runs, and handles all other administrative tasks. 

Jean has over 15 years customer service experience.

Betty Szeto
Account Education Coordinator
(855) 493-9859 ext. 353

Betty joined our agency in 2017. Betty supports our team with attending employee benefit meetings to educate members on their plan benefits. 

Betty also is our education researcher and expert for our Prescription Savings Program, Your Rx Saver. 

Betty has over 25 years of healthcare experience working for Blue Cross Blue Shield and brings extensive knowledge to her role.

Gary Famiglietti
Data Analyst
(855) 493-9859 ext. 223

Gary joined CBA in 2016 as a Business Analyst. Gary’s primary responsibilities are overseeing the Enrollment department and preparing and analyzing various reports for the PBG and RSI teams.

Gary has over 30 years health and benefit welfare experience, previously working at Guardian Life Insurance and Benemax.

Anne Anderson
Enrollment Coordinator
(855) 493-9859 ext. 211

Anne recently joined our agency in April 2018. Anne supports the enrollment and COBRA team with updating our agency management systems with all changes for our client’s members. Anne will also support the team with answering phone calls and running reports.  

Anne has over 12 years customer service experience.


Maura Kelly
Accounting Manager
(855) 493-9859 ext. 222

Maura joined our firm in 2013. Maura handles all of CBA's accounting tasks on a daily basis. Maura controls all expenses by receiving, processing, verifying and reconciling invoices and making all payments to staff, clients and vendors. In addition, Maura maintains all accounting ledgers by verifying and posting accounting transactions. Maura also collaborates with our lead accounting consultant on financial reporting.

Maura has over 30 years experience as an accountant and has spent the last 6 years working for profit and non-profit organizations recently in the education field.

Susan Kirby
Banking Administrator
(855) 493-9859 ext. 217

Susan recently joined our agency in 2016.  Susan is responsible for all client PFA, HRA and FSA monthly billing. She also works with clients to set up funding for debit card plans and assists with funding requests. In addition, Susan monitors client bank accounts and posts cash receipts to our claims system.

Susan has over 25 years experience in the accounting and finance industry, especially with bookkeeping, in both private and public sectors. Susan holds an Executive M.B.A. from the University of Rhode Island and also has a B.A in English Literature from Connecticut College.

Linda Perry
Accounting Assistant  
(855) 493-9859 ext. 264

Linda joined our agency in 2017 and supports our Accounting & Finance team assisting in Quickbooks, payments, payroll and ad-hoc projects. 

Linda has over 15 years of accounting and customer service experience.

Dee Lobo
Reconciliation Specialist
(855) 493-9859 ext. 225

Dee joined our agency in 2013 and supports our Accounting & Finance and Claims teams handling bank reconciliations in our CHS claims systems.  Dee also manages ad-hoc projects for our RSI business entity.

Dee has over 20 years experience in custyomer service an accounting.

Beth Dillon
Reconciliation Specialist
(855) 493-9859 ext. 202

Beth joined our agency in 2015 and supports our Accounting and Finance team with handling all bank reconciliations and updating our accounting systems.

Beth has over 10 years of accounting experience, working directly in the healthcare industry and studied Finance at Northeastern University.

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