Maintaining Your Sanity Working From Home: Tips for Healthy Eating & Fitness - View our Wellness Webinar Series Recording!

Posted on: May 28, 2020 - 01:30 PM | EDUCATIONAL WEBINARS
Working from home is proving to be not quite as accommodating as most people had expected. Besides the possibility of caring for parents or a loved one, dealing with the kids being home from school and the normal duties that come with a job and doing it remotely, people of all ages are finding their stress and anxiety levels continually marching upwards. Gaining weight, growing more grey hair and feelings of exhaustion have been coloring the work from home experience now entering week 12.
To help offset the growing feelings of frustration and anxiety, Comprehensive Benefits Administrators, an Alera Group company in partnership with the CCUA, features Kristen Hamilton, a registered dietician who shares insights on successfully managing hunger to prevent overeating throughout the day, as well as ways to incorporate movement into our home work. 
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