CBA launches Aggregating Surplus program; aimed at further containing costs and improving healthcare ROI

Posted on: Apr 06, 2018 - 10:00 AM | CBA IN THE MEDIA

NORWELL, MA, ISSUED APRIL 6, 2018...Comprehensive Benefit Administrators (, a company that combines traditional brokerage services with specialty services such as advocacy, claims administration, benefits expertise and compliance, today announced the launch of their new Aggregating Surplus Division, designed to build upon the cost-savings already created by their H-CAP™ division established in 2017.

 Aggregating Surplus is the latest in a suite of products and innovative strategies pioneered by Comprehensive Benefit Administrators.

 Michael McKenna, CEO of Comprehensive Benefit Administrators, said that the new program has been designed to outperform the more traditional ways of funding high-deductible health plans through Health Savings Accounts.

 “This program helps employers save additional healthcare money by accumulating a surplus through the plan itself, which can be used to offset future premium increases. We work with companies through our strategies to help identify and understand the underlying cost drivers of health insurance, response with our strategies and H-Cap (Health Claims Avoidance Program). The result is that the surplus is owned by the plan through the employer, not the insurance company, and the funds can be used to offset future premium increases.”

 McKenna said that his firm’s initiatives have been driven by uncertainty over the future of healthcare in this country on the part of business owners, and that Comprehensive Benefit Administrators has been engaged in ongoing research into additional options and solutions. Their initiatives have come into existence because of the firm’s effort to educate employers, consumers and providers of the real drivers of healthcare premium increases.

 “For a long time we have believed that the national healthcare debate focuses on the wrong things.  “We have a cost and price transparency problem, not an insurance problem. This is an issue of affordability.” He said that, regarding the Aggregating Surplus, “We continue to develop strategies that allow employers to fight back against the high costs and uncertainty of what Washington proposes for health care.”

 Aggregating Surplus combines key services paid for and covered outside of insurance and can effectively guarantee a return on investment by reducing expenses going through employer health plans.

“We are committed to making healthcare better, reducing costs, and doing our part as shareholders,” said McKenna. “The face of healthcare is changing and we are excited about the program we have developed to help employers navigate this changing landscape.”

 About Comprehensive Benefit Administrators

Comprehensive Benefit Administrators (, previously known as Partners Benefit Group, was founded by Norwell resident Michael McKenna. Under his direction, the firm changed its name to Comprehensive Benefit Administrators to more accurately reflect the wider scope of services that the company offers. Comprehensive Benefit Administrators (CBA) combines traditional brokerage services with specialty services such as advocacy, claims administration, benefits expertise, and compliance, to provide customers with extensive capabilities through one source. Offering a wide range of resources, Partners Benefit Group division, specializing in medical, dental, life, disability and group health insurance; their Reimbursement  Specialists, Inc. division, a third-party claims administrator advising companies on how to save on their healthcare costs through creative healthcare funding options; and ComplianceSource, a division which advises and assists companies in becoming compliant with federal organizations. To learn more about the company, visit or call (877) 993-5600.  Comprehensive Benefit Administrators is located at 120 Longwater Drive, Suite 102, Norwell, MA 02061.

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